Angela Haseltine Pozzi

“I care about the ocean and keeping what we all love and care about clean and safe for animals and humans.”

Mayor Mark Gamba

“From air pollution to the things we pour into our water or drop on the ground, it is bizarre that we think it all just goes away. There is no “away”! All life on the planet is connected.”

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici

“Everyone can make a difference on this issue by reducing their use of plastics, raising awareness of the problem of marine debris and reaching out to their elected officials.”

Britta Baechler

“It is our job to take care of the coast, to be on the forefront of this issue, and set an example for other states in how we are putting the resources we have towards addressing the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean.”

Max Haworth

“It is the responsibility of the people who made the mess to clean it up… We need to leave places better than the way we found them, and we are not doing that very well right now.”

Pooka Rice

“We are so lucky to have such beautiful beaches that are available to everyone, and we need to do our part in maintaining them, it is such an important part of our lives as Oregonians.”

Craig Graffius

“I love our state. I cherish this clean, green state and enjoy going out to the coast… I am just sick of throwing things away, sick of plastic.”